Prayer Garden - Volunteers

Workers are always welcome to join the team that takes care of the Prayer Garden. We do spring planting and fall clean up as a team over a weekend and then have a brunch to celebrate our accomplishments.

During the summer months, each volunteer on the crew is assigned two days a month to come and check on the garden to make sure it is clean and to do general garden chores such as light weeding, watering, deadheading and sweeping of the walks. Usually can be done in an hour or so.

Major pruning is done by Mike Brannen. Besides "working", members of the crew use their assigned times in the garden to enjoy quiet meditation time while serving the Lord by working in His "vineyard".

Crew members, as well as all parishioners, are welcome to suggest plants they would like to see planted in the garden, as well as take photos to submit for inclusion on the Prayer Garden photo page.

If you would like to volunteer or submit photos, contact Teri Quinn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.