Youth Ministry

St. Robert’s Youth Ministry is a comprehensive program that fosters an inner movement toward adult understanding and formation of the Catholic faith. The three goals of our program are:

1)  Spiritual growth and understanding of our faith in new and innovative experiences.

2)  Raise awareness of service and justice issues that call to us to act as a part of the Catholic Church and global community.

3)  Develop healthy and affirmative relationships among youth participants in a safe and positive environment.

Programming is developed by the Youth Director and a team of selected advisors, who are all former youth group members. This team prepares meetings, facilitates retreats, and plans activities for all aspects of our ministry program.




High School Youth Meetings:

Every Wednesday in the Community Room from 7:30-9 p.m. (unless noted otherwise)


Community Challenge!

Practicing Forgiveness...

I personally do not know anyone that thinks forgiveness comes easily... This is something we need to practice. 

Challenge yourself to look at situations in your life that weigh on you and your heart. These are opportunities to free yourself from this burden. 

Forgive and Forget?!?
Forgive and Move Forward!

Forgiveness allows ourselves to move forward and let God take control in our lives to help us navigate to wholesome and life-filling experiences. 

Contact Information

Name Kate Vazquez
Phone 402-333-1959


Current E-Newsletter! 

 If your organization is looking for volunteers, please contact Kate Vazquez at 402-333-1959. We will be happy to add your volunteer/service opportunity to our monthly e-newsletter. This communication is sent out a few days before the start of the new month. Please include the following in your email:

- Name of Organization

- Date and time of volunteer opportunity

- Number of volunteers needed

- Description of responsibilities

- Volunteer contact person and information