St. Roberts Robotics Club

The Robotics Club is an extra-curricular club where students can learn and apply concepts in science, technology, engineering and math (also known as STEM). Activities vary by age group starting with the LEGO Mindstorm kits all the way up to "blue sky" robot design using VEX Robotics materials. Competition level teams take their robot design to tournaments to compete with robots from other schools.

The Robotics Club offers the following levels of involvement:

LEGO Mindstorm (2nd and 3rd Grade)
This club is for beginners who love to build and see how things work. Students practice teamwork, basic building, and programming using LEGO Mindstorm kits. The club meets once a week for one hour for 8-10 weeks.

VEX IQ Competitive (4th - 6th Grade)
VEX IQ is an entry-level program aimed at grade school students. This gives students, primarily in 4th - 6th grades, the opportunity to create their own unique robotic inventions and compete in alliances learning valuable lessons in technology and collaboration. This group meets weekly for two hours and participates in off-site competitions.

VEX Competitive (7th and 8th Grade)
This program is aimed at middle school teams. The season challenges middle school teams to create their own robot design from scratch that solves specific hardware and software challenges posed by the current VRC game and competes against other area middle school teams. This group meets weekly for two hours and participates in off-site competitions (may include additional Build Nights as needed). 


Contact Information

Amy Ellis

Katie Watson
Grades 7-8 Coordinator

Mike Douglas
Grades 4-6 Coordinator

Mike & Dawn McIntosh
Grades 1-3 Coordinator