Grade 3

Dear 3rd Grade Students and Parents,

Welcome to St. Robert’s 3rd grade Religious Education Class!  The theme for 3rd grade is Prayer and we are excited to have you join us!  We look forward to a year full of learning and fun as we continue to grow in our Catholic faith. 

We plan to use fun projects and activities to help students continue to foster their relationship with God and the Catholic faith.   This of course includes a focus on learning the prayers of the faith, including the Rosary and Apostle’s Creed.  We will review and expand upon the knowledge of the sacraments that our students received in prior religious education years.  We will also continue to support the Circle of Grace curriculum.  Most importantly, throughout the year, we will explore the many ways that prayer can be a part of our students’ lives as they continue to grow in their faith. 

About Mrs. Russell (4:30 Class):

I am looking so forward to teaching Religious Ed to our beautiful Third Graders this year! I will get to work with those children in the first session from 4:30 to 5:45. I am a wife, mother and the grandmother of two little granddaughters.  Our own children attended SRB, CCD program years ago. Prior to having children, I use to teach CCD at St. James and happily return to it now! I retired from the Omaha Public Schools after 31 years of service and the opportunity to get to directly share my faith is a sheer delight! 

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About Ms. Ali (6:00 Class): 

I have lived in Omaha and have gone to Mass at St. Roberts for five years.  This is my first year teaching religious education and I am looking forward to a great year!  I am 27 years old and work in banking.  I grew up in western Nebraska with three other siblings and a dog.  I loved taking dance lessons growing up and helped to teach the elementary school grades while I was in high school.  Finally, I went to public school and attended religious education classes on Wednesday nights, too!

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If you have any questions, please contact us through the Religious Education Office at 402-333-1959.


Thank you and we hope you are excited for a great year at St. Roberts!  

Mrs. Kathryn Russell and Ms. Ali Gould

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