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Did I Say Thank You? 


Sure... "thank you" is something we learn since we were little. It was almost like a rule; say thank you when you receive something from someone else.  When we get dessert after dinner... "Thank you!" When someone gives you a gift for your birthday... "Thank you!" 

But what about those smaller things that we tend not to always apply the "Thank you!" rule too. Or the people and situations we tend to ignore to give thanks for:
     - a beautiful day
     - a positive and clear mind
     - family and friends being present in our lives
     - our health

What if we woke up one day with only the things we thanked God for yesterday... 

Let's challenge ourselves this giving season, to not only be giving of our thanks, but to mindful of gratitude. Say thank you for the random blessings in our lives that don't always look like blessings. God works in beautiful, and seemingly random ways, but everything is for a purpose, so thank Him for your journey. 

Say "Thank you!" to God for your countless blessings. 


"Here in the Archdiocese of Omaha, we remain committed to the protection of children, young people, and vulnerable adults.  We remain committed to healing for victims of past abuse.  In cooperation with members of law enforcement, we remain committed to responding deliberately and professionally to any claims of abuse.  Anyone concerned about the actions of clergy or any Church worker should contact our Manager of Victim Outreach and Prevention, Mary Beth Hanus, at 402-827-3798 or toll free at 1-888-808-9055."
- Archbishop George Lucas - 


Mary Beth Hanus
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