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Come for a prayerful stroll.  It can provide wonderful, prayerful solitude, peace, and inspiration.

From Spring through Fall (when daylight saving time is in effect), the garden gates are open 7:00 am - 9:00 pm. In Winter (standard time), the gates are open 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.  You need to enter before the gates lock, but you can remain in the garden therafter as long as you wish.  If the gates are locked when you leave, to exit just push the green light on the black post to the left of the gate to release the magnetic gate lock.  It will automatically re-lock after you exit.

See the Photos and History sections at left.

Maintaining the Prayer Garden takes volunteers, and "Gardening Angels" are always welcome.   (See link at left.)

 Please remember this is consecrated space dedicated to prayer, solitude, and reflection.  No food or pets should be brought into the Prayer Garden.  it is very important to stay on the pathways and not allow children to climb on the rocks or walk on the waterfall.  Flowers and buds can get trampled, and any shifting of the rocks runs the risk of tearing the waterfall liner, causing a leak and substantial costs to repair. Thank you.

The garden has beautiful spiral art sculptures. Visit the garden and check them out in person, or see pictures of them here on the webpage under the PHOTO section

The blue piece symbolizes CREATION: the beginning of the universe on one side and the formation of the earth on the back side.

The green piece represents LIFE: look for pieces of actual flora embedded in this piece.

The pink rose represents perfection and REDEMPTION, which is why it is nearest to the crucifix.

The design was loosely based on the Fibonacci mathematical concept of how the shape of spirals are the "Fingerprint of God" and prove God's existence. There are two interesting YouTube videos that beautifully illustrate this principle. Click on the links below to see these short but fascinating videos:

What a Creator we have! The shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances of all the flowers on the planet attest to God's glory. Don't you wonder how God folds all the tiny petals of a flower into that little bud? Click on the link below to watch a stunning two minute video that uses time lapse photography to show how a bud transforms into a flower:

Life of flowers

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