Pinewood Derby

Pack 437 -  Pinewood Derby

Derby Information
The Annual Pinewood Derby is scheduled on the fourth Friday of January in the school cafeteria. Car check in starts at 6:00 pm and racing begins at approximately 7:00 PM.

Pinewood Derby questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See the resources section below for great tips on building a fast car.


  • We will follow the rules and specifications as outlined in the OFFICIAL GRAND PRIX PINEWOOD DERBY KIT insert. Please read it carefully and call if you have questions.
  • Previously built cars may not be used.
  • Only the wheels and axles which come with the kit may be used. If the wheels don't have BSA stamped on them, they're not legal! Axle spacing/placement cannot be altered - you must use the grooves already cut into the car. Solid, one piece axles (which can be purchased at the Scout Shop and hobby stores) are not allowed.
  • Once the cars have been inspected and weighed on race day, they are not to be handled again. Rules violations will result in disqualification from awards (but not from racing).

The Information Sheet is available for downloading and printing.

Places to Get Stuff

  • Michael's Art & Craft Stores
  • Hobby Lobby Craft Stores
  • Hobby Towne USA
  • The Gottschalk Scout Shop

Pinewood Derby Resources

Contact Information

Contact Cubmaster
Tom St Germain
Contact Committee Chairman
Susie Stolinski