Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body of parishioners who share with the pastor providing vision and direction to the parish. It acknowledges its origins in the Second Vatican Council, is in accord with universal and Archdiocesan church norms, and with St. Robert Bellarmine as the model pledges responsible use of all gifts and resources to meet individual, parish, and community needs. It works with and relies upon various boards, committees, and groups that carry out the work of our parish even as the Parish Pastoral Council provides a conduit for communication with all those organizations. Members are responsible for good communication both on an ongoing basis as circumstances may demand throughout the year. Six elected and six appointed members serve three-year terms and commit to about five hours of work monthly (including two-hour monthly meetings August through June) with additional time for those accepting additional responsibilities as officers.

Parish Pastoral Council Members:
Brian Maher, President, Aaron Bryant,Kelly Corey, Amy Ellis, Bob Gehringer, Dan Gilg, Karrie Lingo, Kevin McManus, Jennifer Rotella, Susie Stolinski, and Robert Wear.


Total Education Board

The Total Education Board advises the Pastor, Principal of St. Robert Bellarmine School, and the Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry with governance matters essential to maintain the school and religious education for our parish youth. The board formulates policy at the direction of the Pastor, Principal, and Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry and works to assure continued viability and excellence in their programs. Board members meet monthly from August through May, normally on the first Tuesday of each month. The typical time commitment is from two to three hours monthly. Members are appointed by the pastor and serve a three year term.

Total Education Board Members:
Susie Stolinski, President; Ann Zemann, Tiffany Foxhoven, Lauren Snere, Mike Prosser, Noran Knobbe, Pat Kelsey, Laura Kwong, Kelly Corey, Bridget Burke, Kim Keating, and Amy Weindel.

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Finance Committee

This committee advises and assists the Pastor in all financial matters concerning St. Robert’s Parish and St. Robert’s School. Finance Committee is responsible for establishing and monitoring annual budgets, financial auditing and reporting, and managing parish assets and liabilities. Has oversight on school tuition, and regular and special offertory receipts as well as special projects and works closely with the Business Manager and Office of Stewardship to assist with their responsibilities. Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 a.m. and as needed for sub-committee work. Total commitment ranges from five to ten hours monthly. Members are appointed by the pastor.

Finance Committee:
Father Steven Stillmunks, Chris Snere, John Lingo, Mike Potthoff, Mike Price, Sharon Flanery, Steve Patterson, Tim Reed, Joe Johns, Brian Reilly, Nancy Kuhl and Dr. Vincent Miscia


Nancy Kuhl

Parish Foundation Board

The St. Roberts Parish Foundation Board provides ongoing financial support for St. Robert’s religious, charitable, and educational purposes. Members meet monthly with the Finance Committee and set investment policy, select and oversee professional investment managers to handle the assets of the endowment, and provide an ongoing review of the performance of investment managers. Time commitment averages five to ten hours monthly.

Parish Foundation Board Members:
Father Steven Stillmunks, Jim Czyz, Bruce Haney, Nancy Kuhl, Elaine Martin, Mike Owens, Ron Quinn, Rob Reed, Fr. Don Shane, Terry Sibbernsen, Mark Treinen, Vince Miscia and Mike Lawler.

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Executive Director

Stewardship & Development Board

The Stewardship and Development Board supports the Pastor and serves St. Robert’s members and its many organizations, committees, and ministries by encouraging all members of Saint Robert Bellarmine Parish to grow as stewards and disciples of Jesus Christ. 

The Development Board is appointed by the pastor. Each member of the board is a chair of one of the following committees: Stewardship, School Alumni, Planned Giving, Shine, and Capital Campaigns.

Development Board Members and Committees:
Father Steven Stillmunks, Mary Buttell, Mike Price, Deacon Michael Fletcher, Chris Snere, Kelly Vazquez, Kim Russell, Deb Marcil, Fr. Mark McKercher and Development Committee Chairs identified below

Development Committees:

Stewardship Committee: Veronica Wright, Focus, educating and encouragement of parishioners to become involved and to share their Time and Talent: Service Organizations, Prayer Groups, Welcoming and Orientation of New Members to the Parish, Commitment Sunday.

School Alumni Committee: Sara Sibilia Pohl, Recruitment of the newly formed School Alumni, Social Events, and Annual Yearly Newsletter, Website Section for Alumni, Facebook.

Planned Giving Committee: Larry Dwyer, Focus Financial Presentations:
Educating and assisting parishioners with planned Giving to the St. Robert Bellarmine Parish; Legacy of Grace, Parish Foundation Funds, Seminars for Parishioners and Professionals in the area of law, taxes, financial Investments and Insurance, Recognition/Appreciation Events, Assist with the preparation of an Annual Parish Report.

Shine Committee: Mary Buttell, Focus Annual Parish Fund Raising Event: Shine is St. Robert’s Major Parish Benefit. Shine Chairs and Committee Chairs raise funds for the parish and school.

Parish History: Dorie Mainelli and Rose Cuka, Focus on gathering, organizing and cataloging all our parish history in one place.


Contact Information

Brian Maher, President