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The Youth Ministry program is busy throughout the year with exciting meetings, service projects and more! Through our monthly e-newsletter we highlight upcoming events, alumni spotlights, service opportunities, and unique stories that show the true character of the members of the St. Robert Bellarmine Youth Group. 


A skip and a hop across the pond...  - October Article


I am a 2014 Marian High School graduate. While I was at Marian I participated in many clubs and leadership training courses, but I also was a cheerleader and a trapshooter.

While at Marian I made the big decision to go to university in Ireland. With the support of my family and friends I moved to Galway and began a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Classical Studies. Having finished my three year BA degree this past May, I will be graduating in October. I am furthering my studies at the National University of Ireland Galway in law and will receive an LLB degree or law degree at the end of this school year. While studying the law, I am also working part time at a law firm here in Galway.

Youth group played a major role in my life, even before I got to high school. While I was in middle school I always remembered that my sister Hailey would go to Youth Group on a Wednesday night and come home saying how she had so much fun and met so many nice people. When my twin Sydney and I finally got to high school we experienced the same joy that Hailey had from Youth Group. 

There were always fun activities going on at Youth Group but what made it so joyful for me was the service we did for others. There were no shortages of service projects to be done, from volunteering at the volleyball tournament to helping in Walthill, I loved playing a part in our community. 

Because Youth Group is so service oriented, I have learned to be active in my community here in Galway. A way in which I dedicate my time for others and to God is by helping lead prayer meetings at NUI Galway. Though it takes some time to organize the meetings, I keep constantly in my mind the time and effort which was put into the running of Vacation Bible School. Though the events are different, the outcome is the same, which is to share God's love for all who attend. With this outcome I know my time is well spent. 

There are so many great memories I have from Youth Group, but I think my all time favorite was the water drive for Macy. Not only was it a great character building experience, i.e.lifting more 24 packs of water than I ever thought I would in a lifetime, but it was a honestly really fun and the gratitude from the people in Macy was heartwarming. I have never seen a community pull together like that before and it made me proud to be from Omaha and to be apart of the St. Roberts Youth Group. 

From Service Trips to the Seminary - September Article

I so enjoyed going to youth group during junior high and early high school.  It was a concrete way to stay attached to the parish I loved and the friends who I grew up with.  Debbie Marcil, the former Youth Ministry Director, took us on some amazing trips: Columbus, OH and Kansas City for NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) where it became clear to me that there was no small number of young Catholics in this country!  My favorite trips were service trips, twice to Winnebago and once to Chicago.  My favorite was the trip to Chicago.  It was the first time I was taken way out of my comfort zone and asked to serve people who I didn't know in a place I'd never been.  By the end of the week, I was surprised to be filled with love for these newfound friends, and now whenever I think or visit Chicago, my mind is again flooded with the memories of that trip and the goodness of being able to live like Christ, by laying down my life for those I love. 

My desire to become a priest was cultivated in no small way by trips like these.  In other words, I'd say these mission trips fanned the flame of my vocation at a young age.  Now, I am happy to say I am studying to become a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Omaha.  I will be studying theology in Rome for four years and am taking all my memories of youth group with me, recalling how I have met the Lord through these experiences.  By planting His own love for His people into the field of my heart, I have learned to love them truly myself, and through all of this, I have had the greatest joy of encountering the Master of the Harvest, Love Himself. 

- Paul Floersch, Creighton Prep 2011

Using a Creative Lens on Service - September Article

Julia Hakes has been involved with the youth group all four years of high school. She just graduated from Millard South this past May and is now attending the University of South Dakota. We asked her a little more about her creative talent in cinematography and what that means to her to share her gift with the youth group.


"I started my interest in cinematography around November 2016 and I didn’t actively pursue it until I started daily “vlogging” (video blogging) January 2017. I got my first camera March 2017 and I have been obsessed ever since!

This year I started a project with our recent mission trip to Winnebago and Walthill. I have gone on the last 5 mission trips to the reservation and have a real passion for all the work we do up there with the people of the reservation communities. During the first 4 mission trips we have always had a slide show of pictures to bring back to the parish, but I felt that with a video we could bring the service work and mission back home. I wanted to show family, friends, and members of the parish what it is like to experience our day to day work on the mission trip.  It was a great feeling for me to have so much content to film and for the kids to be so excited to be a part of this project. I hope to have more opportunities to show the work of the mission trips that the youth group attend through this creative platform! The youth group has a special place in my heart because we are all so different, and we all go to different schools yet we work together so well. I have met some of my greatest friends through youth group!" 

Winnebago Mission Trip 2017


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