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The Original VBS EMCEE - December 2017

David LeFebvre was one of the original members of the youth group that promoted a successful Vacation Bible School Program at St. Roberts. At SCUBA - one of the first Vacation Bible Schools, he took the opening and closing to another level of interactive and engaging. David shares his involvement with youth group and how his skills got him to where he is today!


I went to Skutt Catholic and then went to Rockhurst University.  I majored in Nonprofit Leadership Studies and Communication.  After college, I moved to Richmond, VA and have lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia ever since.  Currently I work for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond and lead the fundraising and communications for the organization which operates 5 clubs in Central Virginia. We serve 400 kids each day.

Youth Group was definitely impacted me for life.  I cherish every day all the memories and relationships from my days in Youth Group.  Youth Group allowed me to understand and take deeper reflection with my faith.   I was allowed the space to take a deeper dive in understanding my place in this larger world and how I needed to take BIG action to make it better.  My path toward social action and community service was definitely rooted in my experiences with Youth Group - Catholic Leadership Institute, National Catholic Youth Conference, and Young Neighbors in Action for example.

Youth Group also provided me very practical skills of team building and event planning.  Every day for work I think of helping to plan Vacation Bible School, Confirmation Retreat, and Parent's Day Out.  Youth Group allowed me to plan events for the larger community while learned how to plan them along the way.  Just the other day, I planned a retreat for my team at work.  I texted Debbie Marcil for teaching me the best retreat skills ever. 

My favorite youth group memory was planning Vacation Bible School.  The friendship, community that we built was one of a kind and hard to explain in words.  By favorite memory for VBS was gathering for fellowship with high school leaders every day after VBS to celebrate community.  For me - this is what Church is all about.

Leading with "YES!" - November Article

My name is Abbey Bessmer and I went to Westside High School.  I am currently a Junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and I am majoring in Elementary and Early Childhood Education.  I play the Trumpet in the Cornhusker Marching Band and I am as Resident Assistant here in Lincoln.  I believe that many of the qualities of leadership that I am using in my Resident Assistant position are all qualities that I learned from the Youth Group. 

Many of my closest friends in high school were from youth group.  I always looked forward to Wednesdays because I knew that I was going to see my favorite people.  Youth Group gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, serve amazing people, and become a better person myself.  The different opportunities offered by the SRB youth group helped me grow as a person, leader, and sister in Christ.  I am forever grateful for the amazing experiences I got to partake in throughout my time in the SRB youth group.  

The St. Roberts youth group has impacted many of my decisions in life.  It taught me that it is okay to be yourself no matter what people say.  The SRB youth group helped me make the decision to get involved in the Newman Center on campus in Lincoln because I had such an amazing experience with Youth Group in High school.  It impacted my decision to say “YES” to retreats and service opportunities because I had such a great experience with them in this Youth Group. 

My favorite memory of Youth Group in high school will forever be the service trip to WaltHill.  The moment when we drive up to the Legion Hall and the little children come running and jump into your arms and tell you how much they missed me will forever me one of my favorite memories of Youth Group.  The late nights in Winnebago playing cards to the sweaty afternoons of basketball and baseball in WaltHill.  These are the memories that I hold close to my heart and will forever cherish.  Thank you SRB youth Group for teaching me how to serve others and how to live a life through Christ.   

Your sister in Christ,


Abbey Bessmer 

A skip and a hop across the pond...  - October Article


I am a 2014 Marian High School graduate. While I was at Marian I participated in many clubs and leadership training courses, but I also was a cheerleader and a trapshooter.

While at Marian I made the big decision to go to university in Ireland. With the support of my family and friends I moved to Galway and began a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Classical Studies. Having finished my three year BA degree this past May, I will be graduating in October. I am furthering my studies at the National University of Ireland Galway in law and will receive an LLB degree or law degree at the end of this school year. While studying the law, I am also working part time at a law firm here in Galway.

Youth group played a major role in my life, even before I got to high school. While I was in middle school I always remembered that my sister Hailey would go to Youth Group on a Wednesday night and come home saying how she had so much fun and met so many nice people. When my twin Sydney and I finally got to high school we experienced the same joy that Hailey had from Youth Group. 

There were always fun activities going on at Youth Group but what made it so joyful for me was the service we did for others. There were no shortages of service projects to be done, from volunteering at the volleyball tournament to helping in Walthill, I loved playing a part in our community. 

Because Youth Group is so service oriented, I have learned to be active in my community here in Galway. A way in which I dedicate my time for others and to God is by helping lead prayer meetings at NUI Galway. Though it takes some time to organize the meetings, I keep constantly in my mind the time and effort which was put into the running of Vacation Bible School. Though the events are different, the outcome is the same, which is to share God's love for all who attend. With this outcome I know my time is well spent. 

There are so many great memories I have from Youth Group, but I think my all time favorite was the water drive for Macy. Not only was it a great character building experience, i.e.lifting more 24 packs of water than I ever thought I would in a lifetime, but it was a honestly really fun and the gratitude from the people in Macy was heartwarming. I have never seen a community pull together like that before and it made me proud to be from Omaha and to be apart of the St. Roberts Youth Group. 

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