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The Youth Ministry program at St. Robert's offers a great variety of ways to get involved. From local service projects, to interactive meetings, to cultural immersion retreats, we have it all! All our events and programming offer great leadership opportunities through the parish, family, and community.

Youth Group Meetings

Wednesdays 7:30 - 9 p.m. unless noted otherwise.

Wednesday September 5th - WELCOME NIGHT
Let's kick off the 2018-2019 year with some fun and games! Bring your friends. The more the merrier! 

Wednesday September 12th - FACT CHECK
Get to know your advisors! These young adults--who were former YG members--dedicate each week to lead and mentor you throughout your high school experience. Come and get to know them through fun challenges and activities!
.... there will be prizes.

Wednesday September 19th - I AM
In high school we encounter a lot of new people, new experiences, and new opportunities. However, sometimes we can get lost in it. Join us for a night of finding that inner confidence of WHO YOU ARE. 

Wednesday September 26th - Fill Your Bucket
Most teens love to hear good things about themselves, but rarely get the chance. This affirmation night will familiarize you with scripture value and fill your bucket! 
Lead by Advisor: Cassie

Upcoming Opportunities

Looking for volunteers for the annual SRB volleyball tournament.

September 14 - 16
September 28 - 30

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The Youth Group will be hosting a spooky Halloween experience on Sunday October 14th at the Ranch of Terror at the Bellevue Berry Farm. Registration form is in the side column. 
Open to current 7th - 8th grades and high school students!

Requirements for trips, retreats, and special events

Youth group at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish offers a great variety of mission trips, retreats, and special events. This includes the Winnebago/Walthill Mission Trip, seasonal retreats/camps, NCYC, and more! All these opportunities do have various requirements that need to be completed in order to participate in the experience. The requirements are listed below, along with the reasoning behind each requirement:

1) Regularly participate in youth group meetings: Youth group allows high school students to get to know each other weekly through interactive activities. When venturing on other special excursions, we want to make sure all participants on the trip have a good friendship in order to promote a great experience. 

2) Participate in youth volunteer opportunities: Throughout the year, our youth group helps with various organizations and events at the parish. It is important that the youth of the parish give back through volunteer hours to the organizations that support our youth group mission and programs. This includes, but not limited to; the Volleyball Tournament, Knights of Columbus events, Golf Committee, Ladies's Guild events, and more!

3) Be involved with major youth group fundraisers and events: Throughout the year, the youth group hosts major fundraising events. It is important to participate in various events in order to participate in the special trips and retreats that the youth group hosts. These events allow our youth group to keep costs low for mission trips, retreats, and special events. This includes, but not limited to; yard/house clean up days, Vacation Bible School, Parent's Day Out, The Box Project, Lenten Pasta Dinner, and more!

All these listed above are requirements to participate in the special trips, retreats, and events that happen in youth group. All opportunities are advertised through our monthly e-newsletter and our website under the "Get Involved" tab. If you want more information, please reach out to Kate Vazquez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Youth Leader Project

The Youth Leader Project is a new and exciting opportunity for the high school students to dive into their own social justice passions. Each student or two student team is asked to pick a social justice topic that they would like to invest in. They will have to do research over the next month, developing a case on why they should be granted sponsorship for their project. Research includes but not limited to; root causes of social justice topic, why we are called as Catholics to address this issue, how it applies to Catholic Social Teachings, and so on. This project also asks to each student or team to organize and execute a project, campaign, excursion, or learning opportunity for youth group members to fully engage in this experience. Matters of timelines, lessons, budget, and proposed agendas will need to be presented as a part of the application process. 

In March, each student will have created a poster presentation to present to the parish, in hopes of receiving votes for their project to win the sponsorship. Top finalists will present a full scale presentation to selected members on the Youth Leader Project Committee. 

This is a great opportunity for youth to learn leadership and work-place skills, build their resume, as well as dive deeper into seeking social justice as a young Catholic in the church. 

OH, the places SRB-Youth go!

SRB-Youth have continuously been doing good in the community, and not just through our parish! Youth in high school and young adults in college have ventured near and far to take on new experiences, serve different communities, and learn about new cultures. 

Our goal is to fill the map full of the exciting places our youth have traveled to to show our parish community all that our wonderful youth do! Please help us fill the map!

If you participated in a service trip, cultural immersion trip, or other activity that impacted a community while in high school or college please send us:

  • Name
  • Where you visited/experienced
  • Year of trip
  • Photo
  • Short description of what you did and why you went

These types of experiences can be but not limited to;  a mission trip, youth group trip, family trip, sending relief to a remote community, exchange program, and more! 

Please email details to Kate Vazquez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Information

Name Kate Vazquez
Phone 402-333-1959


If your organization is looking for volunteers, please contact Kate Vazquez at We will be happy to add your volunteer/service opportunity to our monthly e-newsletter. This communication is sent out a few days before the start of the new month. Please include the following in your email:

- Name of Organization

- Date and time of volunteer opportunity

- Number of volunteers needed

- Description of responsibilities

- Volunteer contact person and information