Community Challenge!

"I always wondered why SOMEBODY didn't do something about that... Then I realized I am SOMEBODY..."

Challenge you and your family to get involved in something. You don't have to save the world or anything, but do something that speaks to you and your family. This can be anything from going to community or parish event, to working at a soup kitchen, to having a meal together as a family unit. By building community with other people in positive environments and peaceful actions, you increase the growth of common ground, and decrease the separation of God's church.
We are all one community. We are all one church. 

Do your part.

You are a BODY, and you can do THINGS."

Contact Information

Name Kate Vazquez
Phone 402-333-1959


October 2018 E-Newsletter!

 If your organization is looking for volunteers, please contact Kate Vazquez at We will be happy to add your volunteer/service opportunity to our monthly e-newsletter. This communication is sent out a few days before the start of the new month. Please include the following in your email:

- Name of Organization

- Date and time of volunteer opportunity

- Number of volunteers needed

- Description of responsibilities

- Volunteer contact person and information