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Scholarship Winners Announced

On Wednesday, February 9, our eighth grade scholarship recipients were honored during an all school assembly.  All of us shared in the excitement as representatives from each high school presented the honors.  We are very proud to say that 25% of our eighth grade class received scholarships to the school of their choice.  Congratulations to these 16 students and their families who were presented scholarships to their prospective high schools:  

Creighton Prep-Paul Owens, Nick McGill, Jack O’Malley, Sam Loeffler, and Jack Moore. 

Marian High School-Emma McClellan, Elizabeth Young, and Lilly Weindel.

Duchesne Academy-Kate Zachary and Halle Pinkham.

Skutt Catholic-Maureen Pieper, Megan Snow, and Trevor Vollmer. 

Mercy High School-Sofia Williams and Jessica Slater. 

Gross Catholic-Atticus Stansbury.

A special congratulations to Maureen Pieper, Paul Owens, and Nick McGill who were awarded Presidential Scholarships which are given only to the top test takers. 


Congratulations to One of Our Student Artists

Congratulations to third grade student, Daniel Kenney, who was chosen by the Catholic Voice as the Grand prize winner in the Colors of Christmas contest.  His art was featured on the front cover of the paper over our break.  Please click on the link below to see the whole story.

Congratulations, Student Council Winners

Over the course of the last month, the Student Council campaigns and elections were held in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Many capable leaders gave strong speeches.  At the culmination of campaign events, elections were finally held.  Winners were determined through a procedure using two sources.  One source was the traditional student vote, which accounts for 50% of the final determination.  The second source was a rubric system, which accounts for the other 50% of the final determination.  Each teacher filled out a rubric that identified each candidate’s leadership capabilities.  

We are so very proud of all students who showed a strong interest in wanting to lead our service activities throughout the school year.  The final percentages were very close in many cases.  Please help us congratulate the students who were chosen as class representatives for their respective 

The 2015-2016 Class Representatives are as follows:
 Jack O'Malley, Emma McClellan, Payton Kirchhoefer, Sean Smith, Megan Snow, Kate Zachary, Jimmy Miller, Anna Thibodeau, Mary Baltimore, Nick DiMari, Peter Gates, Michael Maher, Alaina Lorkovic, and Leo McManus. 

A special congratulations to those who were chosen as leaders among our leaders.  Those students include:  Co-Presidents: Jack O'Malley and Emma McClellan.

News From Our Robotics Club

Congratulations to our 65 robotics students who participated in their first robotics competition.  Our second and third grade Lego Mindstorm teams spent the afternoon challenging their programming skills in a NASA simulation to complete their fall season.  Each team completed at least one complicated challenge successfully. 

Our fourth, fifth, and sixth grade CREATE Jr. VEX teams attended the King Science and Technology Center Competition.  We entered 7 teams.  Each team used their skills and strategies to team up with teams from across the city to compete for the finals.  Four of our teams reached the finals!!  This was an amazing accomplishment. 

At the 7th and 8th grade VEX VRC level, we sent three teams to the MOQ Skills Challenge in which each team got a taste of competition and ran their robots for the first time in the competition arena. The teams gained a lot of useful knowledge about the competitive atmosphere and setup and will be ready to face future competitions. The three teams fared especially well in the judging component of the event and all three teams were able to speak intelligently about their robot designs. 

A very sincere and special thank you goes out to our wonderful parents.  We had an abundance of support as we made it through our first fall season.  We are looking forward to what our competition teams have in their future as they go on to compete through April.  


Honor Band Members Announced


Congratulations to the following students who tried out and made the Music in Catholic Schools Honor Band:  John Dickas, Grace Ellis, Rebecca Callen, *Elizabeth Young, Eva Watson, *Paul Owens, Zoe Moffitt, Aidan Rhodes, Nathan Kigerl, and *Liam Doyle. The group auditioned 50 students and accepted 39.  You will notice that SRB students make up over 25% of the honor band and three of the seven section leaders.  Congratulations to all!

*denotes section leader  


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