Religious Education

What's next? 

May... The month that awakens the reality that school is just about over and the couple month stretch of the kids being home starts to set it. What are your plans? How do we keep them busy? How do we keep them learning?

Much like the reality of the world we live in that presents challenges or overwhelming tasks, our long term goals, hopes, or needs also present an obstacle to our patience. While patience is an ever present virtue that we strive to achieve, it really is a blessing. Patience (short term or long term) teaches us how to truly listen and be present with God. 

God hears your prayers, knows your fears, understands your doubts. But we need to truly embrace the patience even though it "seems" like we are not heard. 

          "Until God opens the next door, praise him in the hallways..." 

Embrace the waiting, the true experience of God's timing. Embrace the fears, it makes you stronger. Embrace the obstacles, it puts you on the right path. 

So summer? Embrace the "what's next?" 

Stay safe and enjoy your summer! 

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday May 2nd - May Crowning Mass and End of Year Dinner 

Summer Break 

Classes resume September 5th