Religious Education

The Greatest Love Story... 

I believe it is a beautiful occurrence that Valentines Day falls on Ash Wednesday, the first day of our Lenten season. Valentines Day... maybe you buy a special treat or gift for your child, significant other, friend, or someone else in your life. The simple gesture of the giving of yourself for someone else that you love is a humbling act. 

But what I found truly beautiful, is that on this day of love and giving, we start to reflect on the greatest love story ever told... Jesus dying on the cross for us. 

I found this picture of a post-it note with a few words... Picture this - Jesus looks at the cross and then looks at you. You're worth it." He says. This simple thought alone - describes His love. Through all of our troubles, worries, doubts, and sins; through everything, he still sacrificed himself so we could live. 

As we move into the Lenten Season, carry this thought with you; if Jesus sacrificed Himself for me, because He loves me, what can I give to Him? 

God Bless! 
Kate Vazquez
Director of Religious Education
and Youth Ministry

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