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Paradise is not a fairy-tale place... 

Easter is over - now what? 
     ...We can finally have that Diet Coke we gave up for 40 days.
     ...50% off Easter Candy at the store.
     ...Some quality family time.

But what really happened when Jesus died on the cross... He conquered death, and made it possible for all to achieve Heaven. 

Pope Francis (God bless this beautiful man) discusses in his homily this past October the real Heaven, what we are truly living for. Heaven is not something we should be waiting for. Heaven, through unconditional love and service should be the here and now. The Kingdom of God is not this trampoline park of fluffy clouds and endless ice cream (how nice though, right??).  The Kingdom of God is how we should be living our lives in relation to each other. Remember that one prayer we say every so often?
     "thy kingdom come, 
        thy will be done, 
           on earth as it is in heaven."

ON EARTH! We will truly achieve The Kingdom of God, the real Heaven when we start showing our unconditional love to others.

Here is the homily from Pope Francis.

If you do not have time to read it all, please reflect on this section:

"Paradise is not a fairy-tale place, much less an enchanted garden. Paradise is the embrace of God, infinite Love, and we enter there thanks to Jesus, who died on the Cross for us. Where there is Jesus there is mercy and happiness; without him there is cold and darkness. At the hour of death, a Christian repeats to Jesus: “Remember me”. And even if there may no longer be anyone who remembers us, Jesus is there, beside us. He wants to take us to the most beautiful place that exists. He wants to take us there with the small or great deal of good that we have done in our life, so that nothing of what he has already redeemed may be lost. And into the Father’s house he will also bring everything in us that still needs redemption: the shortcomings and mistakes of an entire life. This is the aim of our existence: that all be fulfilled, and be transformed into love."

Remember me. 
Remember his sacrifice, so that we all shall LI(O)VE. 

Kate Vazquez
Director of Religious Education
and Youth Ministry
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